Sunday, September 21, 2008

Larry and his cake

I found this picture after having already put up the last post about cakes, but this kid is pretty special to me, so he deserves his own entry. When I lived in Portland I worked in an estate sale store called Really Good Stuff, which was down on Hawthorne. A lot of the photographs I found there were of this one kid, named Larry Darwin Justice, who was born in Falls City, Nebraska, and grew up in Portland. I accumulated photographs of him from when he was a baby until he graduated from highschool. Intrigued, I looked him up online and found out that he still lives in Portland, a dockmaster for the Portland Yacht Club. I considered calling him to let him know that I had found all these old photos of him, but I realized what that probably meant-- that someone he probably cared about a lot had passed away, and thought the better of it. Anyways, he's 4 here, with 4 candles in his cake. It's 1949, and he's pulling on the pocket of his shorts and with his tiny sandals on his tiny feet. It's time to eat.

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