Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Treasure Island, 2008

I've moved to San Francisco and am overwhelmed by how much there is here and how little of it is accessible to me with no money. When I visited last fall with Holly she pointed out Alcatraz and Treasure Island from the Golden Gate Bridge and told me about where they were in relation to everything else. Treasure Island is in the bay, halfway between San Francisco and Oakland. I drive through it twice a week to go work on the CCA Oakland campus and am always amused by its name. Humorously, the streets are all named after kinds of fish-- Perch, Bass, Pike, Trout, etc., and huge barges coast by it back and forth everyday. I think about San Francisco sort of like this-- some sort of Treasure Island, because of its size and its diversity and its culture compared to all the places I've lived before (Somerville, Ithaca, Boston, Middletown, Portland, Plymouth). But I miss the accessibility of those places too-- the cheap movie theatres, proximity to friends, the affordability of living in a nice house with a yard. It's 1940, and this family is hopeful too, having landed halfway between Oakland and San Francisco. I'm in between two places too, hesitant to put my feet down either here or there. Oh yeah, and I'm not sure where 'there' is.

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