Friday, February 19, 2010

how to be dapper with very little effort

Morgan gave this to me for Valentines day and I love it so. I'm actually not sure what made her choose it over others at the small antique shop she got it from-- I should ask. I know why I like it-- because he is such a miniature old man, only emphasized by the huge scale of the chair, books, and hat he's holding. Even the weave of the rug makes him look small. We had sort of dreamy driving date from another decade for Valentines day-- we drove down to Santa Cruz, stopping along the way to watch the waves (which were abnormally huge that day because of oceanic weather severity), pick kiwis and dine upon delicious gas station fare. When we got to Santa Cruz we parked and strolled down the boardwalk, rode the rollercoaster rails (twice!) walked along the beach and took pictures of all the love-lost names scrolled in the sand. I drew a dog who was in love with a bone. Then we ate at a great diner called The Saturn where we ordered a strawberry cheesecake milkshake before rolling back up to San Francisco. It seemed epic at the time, but what was nice about it was that it was so simple. We drove somewhere, did two or three things and drove back. Something about that made even its tininess seem epic-- sort of like how under a microscope a particle of dust is into a macrocosm, or how without any other person in the photograph this pretty plain-faced kid starts seeming so austere, so gentlemanly, and perhaps even regal.

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