Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Women with geese and chicken

Two women standing, faced towards the camera, space between them, one closer, one further, both with right arms loose by their sides and left arms bent at the elbow, hands resting above their hips.  Dark high-waisted skirts, all the way to the ground, eclipsing their feet as if they're floating.  belts with shiny metal buckles, tucked in high-collared shirts, long sleeved, poofed upper sleeves.  Hair pulled back and up. In the corner of a yard, housing on both sides, badly weathered siding in need of fresh paint.  Most windows are missing their shutters.  A simple elevated porch with no railing to the left.  A large barrel against the wall with potted flowers on top.  The grass is strewn with organic debris, mulch, dead leaves, hay, grass and weeds.  Perhaps it is fall.  In the front are fast moving geese, perhaps four or five or six-- their forms are bright and warbling with their beaks down searching for food.  A single rooster stands amongst them, still and not eating, so still you can count the dark feathers on his tail plume.  The women are watching the camera.  The one towards the front, perhaps holding a basket, is playing with the clasp in her belt.

~on the back, "Nellie Okeefe and Carrie", in pencil

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