Monday, November 30, 2009

The dog's name is "Peso"

There are so many things to say that at times to be limited to a sentence or minute it seems impossible to say anything. This dilemma is a close cousin over the dilemma of what to title a finished piece or art or writing or how to express one's emotions ever. Which brings me to the state of my current written thesis: complete paralysis. I very well should have worked on it during Thanksgiving up in Portland-- I even brought the computer! But I didn't and now I'm up a creek without a paddle and the creek is one that leads into an impossibly large and catastrophic waterfall.

The title of this posting is all it says in looping bic-penned scrawl on the back of this photograph. I like this approach-- the one in which you answer a question no one is asking and neglect to answer the more obvious one, in this case, who was in charge of decorating this interior with a small-tinseled Christmas tree, scantily-clad boy in glasses and deep red carpeting?

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