Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what you see

I made this at Morgan's house on Sunday night as we waited in vain for an episode of Dexter to download. I bought a couple of rag rugs last week and have been thinking of new ways to incorporate them into my practice. Yesterday Jeff Gibson told me that I should stop thinking so hard and just make whatever seems appropriate... confusing because one of the first things he said to our class was that he felt it was important for artists to be responsible and conscious in their making (which I understood to mean non-intuitive).

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Anonymous said...

I meant, basically that someone who consciously investigates the world with purpose and clarity will make very different "intuitive" choices in the studio as opposed to someone who does not pay attention to the world beyond their studio or beyond the official art world.

When it come to the studio itself - play with these charged images and ideas. If the research and interest are in earnest then your "playful" choices are completely infused with your deliberate content but also can allow for some air and space to enter the work.

Get it?