Friday, June 26, 2009

goodbye, 24.

Today is my last day being 24. Twenty-five seems like a big deal kind of year-- as I keep saying to my friends here, it's half way up the hill, it's officially the mid-twenties, it's a quarter of a century. Actually, it's a big weekend for a lot of people locally, not just me, today being the onslaught of San Francisco Pride. My brother Will also arrives here on Sunday and we start driving across the country on Wednesday, July 1st. Before then I've got a lot of packing and emotional sorting to do in preparation for a whole month away from the studio practice, developing friendships and fledgling romance I've been immersed in this summer. But I'm glad to be leaving this home and going towards my other one. I borrowed a video camera from school to take footage of the roads leading to and from each of these homes through the front and back windows of the car. Once Will gets here we'll be figuring out The Plan, of which (of course) this blog will be kept abreast.

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