Sunday, June 28, 2009

hello, 25.

A countdown to midnight and dirty dancing until 2:00am. A cold walk home and scrambled eggs with pesto. Sleep until sunrise. A tamarind popsicle and then breakfast at Saint Francis. One load of laundry. A bike commute. A walk to SomArts. Reclamation of four drawings. An apple fritter and Izze sodas. A slow drive to Nob Hill for birthday donuts. One dozen old-fashioned with various fixings, four buttermilk bars, three apple fritters and two cruellers, all packed neatly into two pink boxes. Biked to the SPCA to get finger-licked by dogs and hearts inpired by kittens. Biked to Dolores Park to join 250,000 others in various states of dress and undress for the San Francisco Dyke Saunter. Tecate and donuts and kisses with friends. Sauntering. A 10 foot wide disco ball suspended by a crane at the Castro block party, and then the dancing that occured beneath it. The best slice of pizza I've ever eaten. A plum and a card from a Quaker. A long walk to the Mission. A forgotten bike key. A phone call from home. People-watching from the top of a fire hydrant. A lime popsicle in the park. Swings. A cold shower. A red pedicure. Sleep.

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Cassiemarie said...

Happy birthday!!
sounds like you had a wonderful day. :)