Tuesday, June 16, 2009

free(dom) piles

The second year students, having graduated a month ago, are still reaming out their studios to get ready for the upcoming class to move in. I'm excited about having some new peers. I expect that this next years class is going to be really great-- the recession has pushed a lot of artists in the beginning of their careers into grad school because it's harder to get recognition, teaching jobs and money without a degree to prove your mastery. Grad school might also buy some time for the economy to improve. This is, at least, what I am hoping for. I'm also praying for total loan forgiveness. Anyways, one of these newly-capped masters threw away this framed gem of a photograph and I pulled it out of the trash. I love how ugly it is-- that unfortunate electrical socket like a yellowing skin graft, the fellow (groom-to-be?) incredulous and perspiring with his big meaty hands.

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Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten how poetic you are.