Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pity p(art)y

I'm putting together a show in the small room at the PLAySPACE of pity jars, all kinds.
Here's the open call:

We want to talk about pity.

Open call for philanthopic investors, environmental worry-warts, self-invested whiners, charities of all shapes and sizes. In the current economic crisis, the concept of need is being swiftly reevaluated. This is an opportunity to investigate pity as a vehicle by which need gets attention. It will occur in the small room of PLAySPACE simultaneously with a show about Bling. Both shows are invested in a complication of need outside of material value. See attached pictures for general concept.

Here's what you can do to get involved.

1)Think about something that you think deserves pity (ie. your loan-ravaged future, the fish in FIShSPACE, the ozone layer, Hillary Clinton, MFA students in wheelchairs named Doron)
2) Write a testimonial plea for this something, describe your compassion, convince us of its need.
3) Find a jar
4) Tape testimony to an appropriate-sized jar (what does 'appropriate' mean? I guess it depends on how much pity you're expecting)
5) drop off in Mara's studio (Hooper 3, #6)
6) bring spare change to the opening

Every cent counts! All donations, no matter how meager, will be distributed to their appropriate reci-pity-ent when the space gets deinstalled. We'll also set up a pity-jar construction table at the event. If you have extra jars, pull 'em out of your recycling bin and bring them to CCA! Out-of-state participants can send their testimonials to my home address and we'll find a jar for it. Oh, and you can make as many as you want. The concept was born recently, so it's still getting figured out. Write to me with questions or concerns, tell me what you think about need, and together we'll try to figure out what it means.

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