Thursday, February 12, 2009

Drive carefully

A lot of my peers, eerily, have been getting into bicycle/car accidents. Doron has been wheeling around in a wheelchair for two weeks and I overheard 4 people in my drawing practicum talk about their own collisions, which all occured in the past year. I got hit by a car once, my senior year of college. I was biking back to school to take a midterm for Clare Rogan's History of Prints class after working at Robin Price's bookpress for the morning. I got sideswiped and clipped and I wiped myself all over the parking lot of a Shell station. I was lucky enough to just get some really bad scratches but I couldn't stop crying because it had been so scary. The worst part is that the guy who hit me was an illegal immigrant with no license, no car insurance and a small baby in the back seat. I remember calling Clare Rogan, sobbing, to ask if I could be excused for the day from taking my midterm (god, college was so weird!). I'm trying to drive more carefully these days on a lot of different levels, but sometimes it's so hard to go slowly when I'm just trying to keep up with everything else.

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