Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Wall of Love Letters

Tonight was the opening of a show I have a drawing and some love letters in called Sweet and Matchless, curated by my friends/peers Elisheva Biernoff and Adrienne Skye Roberts. I didn't really think much about what it meant to be submitting them when I submitted them, and by the time I second-guessed myself it seemed too late to ask for them back. The second-guessing included questions like: Why do I even still have these? What does it mean to be showing something that was once to personal to a public audience? Do I owe the authors notification of their unknowledgeable participation? I guess I wasn't really sure who some of these letters belong to now, years after their emotional wells went dry. And I guess some of the wells aren't even that dry at all.

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emmet said...

Whose love letter did you post? How was your V-Day?