Thursday, August 20, 2009

things that go whoops

It's been a few days of flare-ups and mistakes. Like the paper buckling off the panels I glued them to, and the gorgeous puddle featured in the picture above.

I've also been thinking about words like the following, since my days have also been occupied with drawing eensy teensy, eeny weenie, itty bitty, teeny tiny, tiny winy, itsy bitsy flowers:
harum-scarum, topsy-turvy, wishy-washy, knick-knacks, zigzag, seesaw, ticktock, pitter-patter, tip-top, rickrack, pit-a-pat, shipshape, flip-flop, dingding, ticky-tacky, dilly-dally, flimflam, hoity-toity, hocus-pocus, hurly-burly, fuddy-duddy, pell-mell, ragtag, willy-nilly, boohoo, helter-skelter, hotshot, namby-pamby, super-duper, slam-bam, whang-bang, lovey-dovey, boo boo bee boo, heebie jeebies, crumb-bum, fender bender, brain drain, razzle-dazzle

What is the common denominator between these concepts that makes it okay to refer to them all with ridiculously cutesy-wootsy terminology? I'm almost sure it has something to do with making light of potentially dark situations. Sometimes I'm astonished by the acclivity of people to joke around when things go horribly horribly wrong, but having used this as a strategy myself, I have got to say-- it works.

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