Wednesday, August 12, 2009

impossibly long and improbably short

I got this picture (a polaroid) from The Magazine and love it for her teetering stature, clasped hands behind her back, immaculate whiteness, and unorthodox orange-striped kicks. The summer has been incredibly long but is pulling to a close in just three weeks. I got a TA position working with James Gobel for next semester and was promised some hours working at the library. I'm moving out of my house this week and into my friend Adrienne's house while she attends an artist residency through October in North Carolina. This means a lot of moving and scrambling, especially with the approach of the Home Show in September and the Murphy Cadogan Fellowship show in October, both for which I'm trying to make some new work. It's been interesting getting used to spending my days at the studio again-- I was so into practice last year that by May it seemed no impossible feat to start at 8:00am and go home at 11:00pm. This week it's a good day if I get 4-6 hours in, and then afterward I go to Adrienne's or Morgan's where I stretch and whimper about my daily turmoils. I'll stop here-- it would be cliche to discuss the days being too short and the list being too long, and I wouldn't dare do such a thing.

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