Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sincere thanks

Marriage has been a hot topic in California for the past week since Prop 8 passed, which will ban same-sex marriage if we let it happen. I'm 24, so my thoughts on my own marriage are totally abstract-- do I want to be a wife? Do I want to have a wife/husband? I mean, Ihave no idea. But of course, I think the IDEA of a wedding is terribly romantic and wonderful, and they are happening all around me to people I've just met but really like a lot. Welly just got married to her partner last week. Clare is getting married in the summer in a yellow dress. I think it's important to underscore the real problem here, which isn't about marriage at all-- it's about the majority making laws to exclude a minority, which is a dangerous move for a supposedly democratic justice system.

I found these pictures on different days, but these two weddings had the same church, same photographer and apparently, the same guest list. In turn, both couples got the same sauce pan from Edith and Clarence (read the text, which I've re-typed below). How ridiculous!


Edith and Clarence,
Thank you so much for the darling pan.
Thank you,
Tony & Gerry Garcia


Thank you for the sauce pan. As soon as I learn to cook we will both enjoy it more. Come and see us.
Kenny + Dorothy

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