Friday, March 5, 2010

pass away

I've had this page from a scrapbook sitting out in my studio for awhile-- it reminds me of the process of collecting and archiving, but also one of migration and loss. The caption at the bottom reads "Mae's bedroom in L.A. after Bill pass away, 1985." I appreciate the unintentionality of the person who wrote that to have written "pass away" instead of "passed away." It turns that migration, the one of passing away, into one that hasn't ended yet... and clearly it hasn't judging by the mountains of evidence recorded in the photographs and deemed important enough to document and put into a scrapbook. I've been thinking about ways to make drawings exist three-dimensionally and wondered out loud to a couple of my peers if I could draw those boxes on paper constructed to be the shape of those boxes. I was informed that similar projects have been considered, such as Libby Black's paper sculptures of suitcases and Kaz Oshiro's constructed canvases made to resemble things like mini fridges and briefcases but left open on the back so you can see their stretcher bars.Well, that's okay. That's how the world works, right? Ideas have happened before. I actually recently have been thinking that maybe there is something pretty freaking magical about someone finding an idea that's been used and lost before. Maybe it's kind of like thrifting.

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