Wednesday, December 9, 2009

things learned, things discerned

Learned a bunch of new words and how to use them properly by reading this silly book by Brian Weiss about past life regression. I also printed out some wild maps charting human consiousness from the internet that I'd like to use in some drawings or collages.

Subconscious- psychic activity below the level of awareness
unconscious- lacking awareness and sensory perception
superconscious- psychic awareness above human awareness

Athazagoraphobia- fear of being forgotten
Xenoglossy- having comprehension of a language with no previous exposure or tutelage

Psychotic- out of touch with reality
Hallucinations- seeing or hearing things not actually there
Delusions- false beliefs

Reincarnation stories were edited from the New Testament by the Romans around 300 AD in response to the concern that they were inconsistent and distracting.
Reincarnation and the in-between planes are basic tenets of kabbalah, Jewish mystical writings that are centuries old.

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