Friday, December 11, 2009


My mom sent me an email last weekend requesting me to emotionally prepare myself to have my photo taken with my brothers by a proffessional photographer when I go home for Christmas. I started thinking about myself as me-the-sister with my getting-longish hair seated next to my brothers Will and Dennis... and then later that night I cut my hair off in my kitchen with a pair of craft scissors with Morgan and Emmet watching.

I'm not very good at getting my picture taken, whatever that means. I guess maybe that means that I don't do the right poses, whatever those are. I guess maybe those are the ones that make me look articulate, well-packaged and edible like a piece of biscotti. I think that a photo album comprised of photographs of me probably looks something like a spaghetti cookbook.

I'm excited about this project though and all of the questions and considerations going into it. Where should we be, what should we wear? It made me remember that a lot of these pictures I'm looking at seem accidental but are really incredibly composed. I love the kid in this picture-- she's totally a noodle dish like me.

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