Sunday, February 6, 2011

coming to a head

Yesterday and today I installed these 100 drawings in the final culmination of a project that I started in the summer. It took a long time because I left town for all of August and then again for November and December! My friend George Pfau helped me get them onto the walls yesterday using a finicky scaffolding set-up... basically a board placed between two ladders. The drawings are affixed to small wooden panels, which are held to the wall with super-strong magnets. The night before installation I panicked because I realized that if something with the earth's magnetic poles get shifted in 2012 (aka the end of the world) that they would all fall down. Then I was reminded that this would be a relatively small concern in the face of apocalypse and felt better. It feels so so good to have finished such a monolithic (polylithic?) undertaking and I'm relieved to be done but also wondering what the next big project will be.

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